Relaxation massage

A full body relaxation massage in our Spa room. Ideal for liberating stress and tension, with a unique experience that includes aromatherapy and grape oil.

Individual reservations.

  • Duration: 30 min – Price per person $30,000.
  • Duration: 60 min – Price per person $50,000.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage for relaxing muscles, with the goal of relieving tension produced in the muscles due to stress, lack of rest, or poor posture. Some of the benefits of this massage includes increased blood circulation and draining of the lymphatic system. Individual reservation.

  • Duration: 30 min and 60 min.

Foot Massage

There are specific points on the feet that represent organs on the body, and when stimulating these points with small movements, we can ease pain, help eliminate toxins, and prevent certain diseases and health issues. Individual reservation.

  • Duration: 30 min and 60 min.