Estación Peralillo Cultural Center

La localidad de Colchagua, reconocida mundialmente por la calidad de sus vinos, puso enThe area of Colchagua, recognized around the world for the quality of its wines, put into action a plan of Reconstruction and Restauration of the Train Stations of Colchagua, creating a tourist circuit where visitors can find restaurants, artisanal goods, and other attractions.

The Peralillo Station, beginning in the 1970s, was used to store saltpeter, and for a long time the train was the means of transport from the agricultural and foresting areas.

This station is part of the “Colchagua Valley Wine Route”.

Free to the public.

Lolol and its Attractions  

This town is part of the VI Region, O’Higgins, and is 34km from Santa Cruz. This disperse town with a colonial feel, is spread out in a small valley surrounded by hills.

The homes made of abode, and the Natividad de María Parish (National Monument), Hacienda de Lolol, Café de Lolol, Casa del Artesano, Casa del Turista, and the triangular plaza in the historic district, declared a “Typical and Picturesque” zone in 2003, are all certain to draw your attention.

With a population of 6,191 inhabitants, the majority work in traditional agriculture, cattle raising, and other related areas.

Sierras de Bellavista – San Fernando

The town of Sierras de Bellavista has a special charm thanks to its alpine-style home, lagunas, valleys, and cypress and oak forests in the mountains.

Located 40km from San Fernando, in the O’Higgins Region, this small mountain town is often compared to the Swiss Alps, as many of the homes appear to have been taken directly from the times of Heidi or the Sound of Music.

Its principal attractions are outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, or mountain biking, and for the less adventurous, there are opportunities to just enjoy nature. You can observe trees like oak, cypress, peumo, and maytenus, or try your luck bird watching species like austral parakeet, eagle, condor, or lesser horned owl.

Pañul Artisanal Goods  

Pañul is in a rural sector, located 18km to the south of Pichilemu, and is known for its work with clay extracted from the area, which is very fine and is lighter in color than common clay, a factor that differentiates it in the area.

The clay is used by artisans to create decorative elements, plates, bowls, and cups for storing things like wine. Here you’ll also find artisanal goods made of cypress and oak, like stools and cuts of wood for tables, along with other handmade goods.

If you visit Pañul, you’ll also be able to see how they make their pieces, and even make your own with the help of one of the local artisans.