Picnic La Playa

A delicious and complete basket made for 2 people, to be enjoyed in our gardens along the Tinguiririca River, surrounded by 130 hectares of vineyards.

Does not include a bottle of wine.

  • Minimum reservation 2 people.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Price p/2 people $29.990 (It can be complemented with our wonderful wines from the menu).

From Farm to Table

Our Tinguiririca Restaurant offers the best cuisine in the zone, made with ingredients from our own organic garden. We grow more than 30 different kinds of plants, including vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers.

We can also offer you an outdoor cookout, or a spit-roasted lamb, offering unique flavors and combinations.

  • Minimum reservation 8 people.
  • Hours: Lunch from 12 to 17hrs / Dinner from 18 to 23hrs
  • Duration: 120 minutes.

Country Cookout and Spit-roasted Lamb  

Viña la Playa Hotel & Winery offers our visitors a complete Country Cookout led by our Chef, and served by our excellent waitstaff.

You’ll find a variety of wonderful meats, salads made with seasonal ingredients, and accompaniments created by our Chef, and much more!

Plus, Viña la Playa Hotel & Winery can offer a spit-roasted lamb, slowly roasted over open coals, served with our exquisite wines.

Reserve our Country Cookout (includes beef, chicken, salads, and an accompaniment)
  • Minimum reservation 6 people.
  • Value Adults $28.000, Children $ 13.000 (up to 10 years).

Reserve a spit-roasted lamb

  • Minimum reservation 8 people.
  • Value Adults $30.000, Children $ 15.000 (up to 10 years).