The Automobile Museum and the Wine Museum

Visit the wonderful Automobile Museum and Wine Museum at Viña Santa Cruz in just one day.

You can discover and learn about the winemaking traditions and culture of many people throughout history, as well as the roots of winemaking throughout the world, and its evolution in the fields of Colchagua, in the first museum dedicated to Chilean Wine.

You’ll be enchanted by the collection of more than 80 cars from different periods and specialties, with a self-guided tour through the Automobile Museum. There’s also a special area with motorcycles collected by Chilean comedian Coco Legrand, featuring unique models.

San José del Carmen el Huique Museum

The San José del Carmen de El Huique Museum in Colchagua is a permanent exhibition and non-profit open to the public. Inside its walls, in the patios and corridors, you’ll find more than 200 years of history.

The San José del Carmen Valley was one of the principal agricultural zones in the country during the 19th century, and its colonial haciendas were the center of the social and economic scene of the time.

The idea of this wonderful museum is to preserve the tangible and intangible traditions of the haciendas, plus the flora and fauna, and the traditions, customs, and values of our ancestors.

Colchagua Museum 

The Colchagua Museum belongs to the Cardoen Foundation, and was founded in 1995 by its president, Carlos Cardoen Cornejo.

The tour begins with a journey through evolution, from the beginnings of life 600 million years ago; man with American megafauna; the development of pre-Hispanic cultures; the arrival of Europeans and the founding of Chile; and finishing with the modernity of the 20th century.

The museum then continues with collections that go into more depth and specifics. These include the “Great Rescue” of the Atacama 33, named by the UK’s Independent as one of the “Six of the Best: People’s Museums” in 2011.

Colchagua Glaciers – ICE HIKE and Glacier University 

Glaciers and Colchagua is a tourism project on the Las Cordilleras de Perejil estate, 54 km to the west of San Fernando.

These glaciers are located at the same latitude as the Colchagua Valley and are a lesser known option for tourists, and include the largest ice masses in the north-central zone of Chile.

The experience begins at 7am at the front of the Hotel Manso Velasco, San Fernando.

The adventure begins at 8am in the foothills of San Fernando toward Los Maitenes, approximately 2 hours travel to get to the beginning of the ice hike.