The Salt Route

On this special cultural excursion we’ll venture into the Coastal Mountains to learn about their hidden traditions, and how they live in harmony with nature, as they’ve remained for many centuries relatively removed from development.

We will visit the Cahuil salt ponds, Pañul and its artisanal goods, and the Molino de Agua.

Sunset Walk Punta de Lobos 

Walk through the Punta de Lobos Park to discover its natural and human history, with the southern wind blowing, showing us how it influences the Humboldt Current, making it a destination for those that come to surf.
We’ll learn about the endemic species and why we need to protect them. This is an easy walk that can be done at any time of day, not just sunset, and it can be very meditative. Our tour guide Emilio will share with you his knowledge of surfing, nature, and his home, where he’s lived for more than 20 years with his family.

Surf Classes

Our surf classes are fun and complete. They include an introduction to the marine ecosystem, complete equipment for learning, and an energizing snack with homemade tea between sessions, in order to help your body to recover and get back in the water with more energy!

Our school is certified by the Navy and the WSL (World Surf League).

Children as young as 2 can participate in this incredible ocean experience.

Nilahue Estuary Walk

This medium intensity walk takes us on a journey for hidden treasure in the Coastal Mountains, looking for a pristine river that has remained among the extensive Chilean palm tree forest, together with a rich biodiversity.

We leave from Pichilemu.

Stand up Paddle

After a concise technical initiation on the stand up paddle board, we’ll paddle through the Nilahue estuary, accompanied by the sound of our paddles, in order to meet up with the birds. For levels from beginner to expert, we can accommodate all kinds of students!

We leave from Pichilemu.

BIRDWATCHING at the Salinas de Barrancas 

Together with a naturalist, we’ll go in search of the most typical species in the area, many of them endemic, either in Chile, a specific zone, or even limited to the Humboldt Current. This activity is tailored to the group, and we combine species from various microclimates, focusing on observing the greatest amount of diversity and quantity of species possible.

Recommended for early morning hours, especially in spring.

We will provide binoculars, bird book, and snacks.