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Landing Strip / Airport

Viña La Playa Hotel & Winery has a runway open to the general public, for airplanes and helicopters, complying with the international standard.
At 100 meters from the door of the Hotel, connected by a pedestrian walkway between vineyards, it has 4 parking lots for airplanes and 5 heliports.

Its geographical coordinates are S 34 ° 26 '56 ”and W 71 ° 23' 09”.
Track 16/34 has an elevation of 427 feet and length of 630 meters long with a compacted maicillo surface.

From Santiago, the trip takes less than 1 hour by plane or helicopter.

Viña La Playa Winery & Hotel has Aero Taxi and aerotours service within the Colchagua Valley (upon reservation) to offer a view of the Cordillera to Mar.